REST Mimarisinin 5 Kuralı

REST Nedir?

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REST Mimarisindeki Önemli Anahtar Kelimeler

Kaynak (resource)

Hizmet sağlayıcı (server)

Kullanıcı (client)

REST Mimarisinin Kuralları ve Faydaları Nelerdir?

1 — Client Server Architecture

2 — Stateless

3 — Cacheable

4 — Layered System

5 — Uniform Interface

[GET] http://base-url/categories/42
categoryId: 42,
categoryName: "office-supplies",
"href": "42/products",
"rel": "products",
"type" : "GET"

6 — Code on Demand




var software = ConvertFrom(caffeine)

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Adem Catamak

Adem Catamak

var software = ConvertFrom(caffeine)

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